4 Gluten-Free Apps for your Super Bowl Sunday 2020

It’s that time of year again when family and friends come together to eat, drink, and yell at the television. I’m personally one of those folks that watch for the commercials and halftime show, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still all about the game-time food!

For my first Round Table Round-Up this year, I’ve collected some more of my favorite game friendly finger foods that are sure to be a touchdown for Super Bowl Sunday! (Am I footballing correctly?) If you need even more inspiration, check out last year’s Easy Apps for your Super Bowl Sunday.

All of the recipes below are gluten-free so no need to swap out any ingredients! I have no affiliation with any of the linked organizations, blogs, or products below. They’re just my honest-to-goodness favorites and I wanted to share them with you!

Here’s the 2020 lineup:

Gluten-Free Soft Pretzel Bites- Cup4Cup

These babies are savory-sweet and get a little crisp on the outside from the baking soda and water bath. You don’t have to top them with pretzel salt- I’ve used Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Blend, sesame seeds, and even some garlic and parmesan! Our family typically loves to dip these in Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard (a Central PA and Penn State staple). If you’re feeling even more daring, wrap the dough around a mini hot dog first for some pigs in a pretzel blanket!

Poblano Guacamole- NY Times Cooking

What is a party without some chips and dip? This recipe uses poblano peppers instead of the common jalapeno and you’ll love the swap (I tried it once and I’ll never go back)! My guacamole-disliking mother even likes this version. I often add about 1/2 of a red onion (chopped) into this recipe but you don’t need it! Pair this dip with your favorite tortilla chips and get snacking!

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs- Erin Lives Whole

These puppies are baked instead of fried and they are OH SO GOOD. My husband will eat anything slathered in buffalo sauce so these are a house favorite. I like to whip up a double batch, serve half, and then freeze the other half un-sauced for buffalo chicken meatball sandwiches later on. You don’t have to make the blue cheese dip she pairs with these- I often go with a store-bought ranch or blue cheese dressing to cut down on prep time. If you need a dairy-free dipping sauce I recommend Primal Kitchen’s Ranch Dressing.

Falafel Bites with Tzatziki Dip- SPRT

I know I just posted these this month, but these are sure to please your vegetarian friends. For your vegan friends, just substitute a different dip and you’ll be good to go! Trader Joes has a vegan Tzatziki in my town, so if you have a TJ’s check that out! The falafel bites and dip go really well side-by-side with a veggie plate to round out the healthier side of your Super Bowl feast!

Last Year’s Easy Apps for Super Bowl Sunday

In case you missed the link above, check out last year’s Super Bowl appetizer round-up which includes burger bites, mini taco stuffed peppers, pretzel crusted chicken bites, potato skin bites and spinach and artichoke stuffed mushroom caps!

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